Vortex Cinema Production | Kathy & Dan: To Phoenix With Love

Kathy & Dan: To Phoenix With Love

WOW! Our couple Kathy & Dan mentioned they wanted a James Bond-inspired film to show at their wedding and they came prepared with a creative screenplay, extras and props. We love working with creative couples to bring their wedding vision to fruition. Their wedding guests were blown away as they watched the bride and groom play out a dramatic action scene leading up to their wedding on film. Special touches unique to the bride and groom's wedding were incorporated in the movie like their guitar logo on the confidential file. A huge thanks to the Valley Ho Hotel for allowing us to shoot on their amazing retro hotel. 


We don't want to spoil the ending so you'll have to watch the engagement film below to see if Dan can win over his bride-to-be, Kathy :)



Monique and Jake(non-registered)
this is AWESOME!!! we have never seen anything like this. Congrats to both of you.
Beautiful! you look like movie stars.
Diann Suttle(non-registered)
Wonderful couple with a wonderful movie intro for their beautiful wedding.
Kathy Heath(non-registered)
We had such a fun time filming this mini-movie. Our wedding guests were blown away when we surprised them by playing this film right before the groom entered into the venue. 5 months later our guests are still talking about it. :) Thanks!
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